BoxieCat Scent Free Extra Strength Cat Litter
Stop odors before they start with the natural probiotic odor control of Boxiecat Extra Strength Scent Free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter. It’s ideal for cats on a high-protein diet, for single and multiple cats, and for those who need...
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BoxieCat Scented Cat Litter
Boxiecat Gently Scented Cat Litter is a fast-clumping, mildly scented litter that was developed by a veterinarian to be safe for cat’s sensitive sense of smell. It stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping thanks to the hard flat-top clumps...
from $19.99

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BoxieCat Scent Free Extra Strength Stain Odor Remover 24oz
Boxiecat stain and odor products are designed to make cleanup a simpler experience. They eliminate every type of pet mess. Boxiecat stain and odor products contain 100% safe and natural probiotics that eat stains and odors, zeroing out the problem,...
Weruva It's a Tea Potty! Cat Litter
Wake up and smell the Green Tea! Weruva’s Tea Potty litter, made from hinoki wood and green tea, naturally suppress bacteria and odors to keep your tea party smelling devine.
from $20.49
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