Himalayan Felty Basketball
Felty toys are handmade from 100% wool, with all-natural dyeing agents. Felty is made by a process called wet felting - where the wool is agitated in water until the desired shape is achieved. Wet felting is one of the...
from $2.99
Himalayan Felty Mat Bed
These pet beds are all natural, made with natural dyes; tea, persimmon, aluminum, pomegranate and Nepalese hops. The making process is chemical free and the beds are biodegradable. Each bed is a hand loomed top and felted wool base. The...
from $23.99
Himalayan Bonehead
$4.99 - $5.99
Himalayan Bonehead
Bonehead® is a chew accessory that is specifically engineered to work with Himalayan Dog Chew®, but it can hold lots of other chews too, from bully sticks to carrots. It’s easy to use, simply use a screwdriver to loosen the...
from $4.99
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