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Experience the joy of playtime with your furry friend with the KONG Gyro Dog Toy. This irresistible toy captivates and excites your pet with its rolling and spinning motion. It encourages your canine companion to push, paw, and roll the toy, which features a spinning center ball and static outer ring for hours of fun. The more your pet engages, the more treats are dispensed for a delightful experience.

Key features:

Fun rolling and flipping action encourages playtime and healthy exercise.
Gradual treat-dispensing design for extended play, so your pet can enjoy it for longer.
Fun, irregular rolling action makes it an ideal interactive toy for you and your dog to play together.
Unique see-through ball promotes mental stimulation as treats create enticing sounds during play.
Easy to unscrew top for convenient filling with all the treats your furry friend desires..

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