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Key Benefits

  • Adult
  • All Life Stage
  • Puppy
  • Senior
  • Squeaky
  • Stimulating


KONG Rewards Wally spins slowly and steadily when nudged, gradually dispensing kibble or treats. The unique exterior creates an unpredictable motion that rewards natural food-seeking instincts. The outer rubber material muffles the sound for more discreet playtime. This slow feeder holds 1 cup of food, use it as a food bowl to help with weight management by extending mealtimes. Easily unscrews for filling and hand washing.

Dispenses rewards with unpredictable motion to satisfy food-seeking instincts
Great alternative to food bowls
Steady motion prolongs entertainment
Rubber material muffles noise for quiet play
Holds 1 cup of dog food
Easily unscrews for filling and hand washing

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