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Stimulating their minds, relieving stress, slowing down mealtimes, relieving boredom and helping with separation anxiety - all these benefits can be achieved with the Kong Spin It toy.

A versatile toy for all types of dogs, it is perfect for introducing interactive play because it is intuitive to them.

You can use it with their favorite treats to further motivate them and relieve boredom at home. Planning on being away for a few hours? Fill the Spin It with treats and leave it for them before you leave.

Does your dog swallow his food? Use the Spin It to slow down the rate at which they consume their favorite food.

Dealing with separation anxiety? The Spin It is an excellent tool to address this anxiety and keep your dog entertained for a long time.

Available in two sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Size S: 8.89 x 16.51 x 8.89cm - 159g

Size L: 11.43 x 21.59 x 11.43cm - 352g
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