Benefits of Trimming Your Pet's Nails

Most pet owners have been told by a vet, read online, or yelled at by that annoying overactive dog park pet owner of how to take proper care of their pet. Doesn’t require an Einstein intellect to understand the basic dog and cat grooming procedures - consisting of brushing, bathing, and regular haircuts.

Believe it or not, when it comes to grooming for the betterment of your pet's health and well-being, regular nail trimming ranks as a very important and needed grooming task. Several benefits of regular pet nail grooming include better mobility, less pain, bonding, and improved health. These are all excellent benefits that make this process worth attempting.

Granted, trimming a pet's nails may seem like a difficult job because the majority of pets do not necessarily enjoy nail trimming and they are not afraid to let their owners know about it. 

Dirty Dogs & Meow Dog Nail Trimming

Still, the benefits of trimming your pet’s nails speak for themselves, including: 

Number One - Mobility.  When a dog's claws are allowed to grow too long, basic tasks such as running and walking become painful and more difficult. This may even become a problem for very young dogs with tons of energy. Dogs in particular extremely enjoy running and playing.  Keeping their nails short helps to increase their comfort level while performing these activities, and helps ensure that your dog never suffers the unnecessary pain long nails can cause.

Number Two - Health.  When nails are allowed to grow too long over an extended period of time, health problems can arise. An ordinarily healthy dog can become lame from favoring paws while walking. In some cases, broken nails can be an issue, and may even cause infections in the paws.

Number Three - Increased comfort. If you do not trim a cat's nails often, they may begin scratching in an attempt to shorten their own nails. They may use a variety of surfaces including your furniture, bed post, or brand new Persian rug.

Number Four - Bonding.  Nail trimming and other routine pet healthcare maintenance can be the perfect time to bond with your cat or dog. Try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and it can pay off for both of you.

When you begin the nail trimming process by calming your pet and finish by giving your pet a treat, he or she may look forward to a regular nail inspection and trimming.  

Fortunately, groomer services like those available at Dirty Dogs and Meow allow you to leave this task to the professionals. These experienced groomers use incredible modern tools to make the pet nail trimming job quick and painless, while you can avoid the hassle of purchasing any tools or attempting this more daunting task yourself. 

Better yet, Nail Grinds can be added to a U-Do-It Scrub with no appointment required. Stop by one of Dirty Dogs and Meow’s 6 locations to add it on to your next scrub, or take advantage of a more extensive grooming package (for which reservations are required).  

San Diego Dog Nail Trimming

To see a complete list of services, check out Dirty Dogs and Meow’s Dog-E Style Salon menu, or visit one of their San Diego, California locations in Carlsbad, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Del Mar Highlands, Hillcrest, Solana Beach and Torrey Hills.  

Your pet will be truly thankful for the regular paw trims performed by the pet experts with a fun atmosphere at Dirty Dogs and Meow.

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