Self-Serve Dog Washing Benefits

The global pandemic has absolutely caused quarantined households to form greater bonds with their dogs. It could even be said that in today’s world people generally prefer to spend time with their dogs over other humans. These days, dogs worldwide often enjoy the highest ranking on the family tree with many four-legged furry friends even sleeping in bed with their owners ... yes, with their own dog pillow and silk pooch pillowcase.

Despite what seems to be daily global developments and advancements in pet technology, dogs still get dirty and require bath time.

Unfortunately, dog bathing can be a major challenge, especially for larger breeds and small dogs that are frightened by water. While these situations make it a nightmare to get the animal in and out of the tub, a great solution is found in the form of a self-service dog wash; a service which is currently awaiting worldwide ‘essential service’ certification.

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A do-it-yourself dog wash has become an extremely popular way to bathe your furry best friend. The benefits of a self-serve dog wash include the following:

  • Eliminates a huge mess
  • Easier to get all dog breeds bathed
  • Most dogs are not as fearful
  • Prevents back strain for the owner
  • Dramatically reduces injury to the animal
  • Cost efficiency

Additionally, many dog wash stations are designed with raised tubs and feature easy access. Plus, many dog washing tubs have tie-downs to keep your beloved canine secure while being bathed.  Further, most washing stations provide shampoo and conditioners formulated specifically for dogs, as well as towels and air dryers.

Although the cost to use a do-it-yourself dog wash might be a little more than what it would cost to bathe a dog at home, considering the level of convenience it is actually a cost efficient solution. 

For responsible pet owners seeking a self-serve dog wash that is safe, comfortable, affordable and effective, the place to go for a needed do-it-yourself wash of your dog is Dirty Dogs and Meow, found online at

Dirty Dogs’ self-serve washing stations exceed even the most demanding needs of all dog washing owners with natural shampoos & conditioners, towels, blow dryers, brushes, combs, ear cleaner, and cologne or perfume provided at every washing station.

Dirty Dogs and Meow offers six convenient San Diego, California locations in Carlsbad, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Del Mar Highlands, Hillcrest, Solana Beach and Torrey Hills.

It’s time to enjoy services that ease stress and make life easier — like do-it-yourself dog washing at Dirty Dogs; an essential need that is safe and affordable! For more information, visit:

Dirty Dogs and Meow Dog Wash

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